Promoting Educational Organisation through people

"To carry out training needs detection throughout a map of competencies on Human Resources in Higher Education Institutions."


The training on human resources management will have two main stages:
Stage 1: To carry out a training for trainers addressed to experts in the field of human resources management and staff development in the partner universities which will further train the academic and administrative managers and staff at each partner university (stage 2). This training is foreseen to be offered by European partners (Spain and Portugal) in the European countries.

Stage 2: To carry out training seminars on HR most relevant processes (identified in the auditing working package as areas for improvement and weaknesses) in order to improve the competencies of academic and administrative managers and staff.
This training is foreseen to be offered by Kazakh, Armenian and Georgian partners.

Stage 3: organisation of  workshops  on specific human resources management topics to be in-depth covered during the project. These workshops will be offered by European partners.

Both training will use a blended approach as teaching methodology in order to offer elearning activities to support the face-to-face ones. This methodology will also include platforms for knowledge management in order to foster exchange of practices between the partner universities involved as well as follow up.
Training topics to be covered during the project:

  • People and strategy (Explains the keys to design appropriate strategies for directing and managing people in organizations). Training topics:

The legal framework, salary policies management, analysis and job assessment, organizational culture and employee satisfaction, organizational change, social responsibility, technological competencies for the strategic management of people (among other processes)

  • People within the organization (Tools for the management and development of talent within the organization) Training topics:

Systems of guidance for the mobilization of people, evaluation of performance for the achievement of results,    recruitment, training and career development, motivations, conflict management, interpersonal communication and individual change.  

  • Management skills (stimulates the development of competencies and skills for managing people in the institutions of higher education). Training topics:

Emotional intelligence, managing meetings, public presentations, efficiency, teamworking, coaching, project management, leadership and others.

    • HR policy and Coaching, 7th-10th June 2016, KTH (Sweden)
    • Individual Study tours, organised in 2017